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10 Things Your Barber Wish You Knew.

10 Things Your Barber Wish You Knew.

Barbers are generally self-sufficient individuals
We put ourselves in the best position in order to better serve our clients.

In order to perform our best work, we need to have things working a certain way.
This is a list of facts about our industry that not a lot of people are aware of, but if most people did, it would make our jobs flow a lot better.

1. Tell me the result, not the method.

Don’t tell me how to do my job, just tell me what outcome you're trying to see.
My method might differ from yours but yet we might still arrive at the same result.

2. Be on time, please.

Most of us have schedules that only allow a certain amount of time per client.
Other people will arrive after you so we plan accordingly to your haircut.
We might allocate 45 minutes for your services, so if you’re late you’re either:
A) Going to make me late on the next guy.
B) Going to get rushed.

3. Do not touch our tools.

I don’t care how cool we are, I don’t care what you need them for.
A barber’s tools are part of their identity, you do not want to mess with that.
Whatever you need them for, I can handle, just ask.

4. Stop sitting so low!

Can’t tell you how many hairs I’ve left uncut just because I didn’t feel like telling the person in the chair to sit-up again.
Sit up and allow us to give you a nice haircut.

5. My prices are my worth.

Any request to discount my prices is a clear indication that you don’t understand nor appreciate the work that I do.
If we bring down our price, we'd have to bring our value down as well, and that's not something we like to do.

6. Stop complaining to us about other barbers.

Imagine dating someone and all you talk about is how much other people have hurt you.
This wouldn’t haven’t happened had you been faithful to one barber.
It makes us feel like those are the things you will say about us once we can't "look out" for you.

7. Loyalty really matters.

Not only is it a sign of appreciation, but it also yields better results.
Your hair has it’s own personality and it’s better handled by someone who’s dealt with it before.

8. If it’s not urgent, don’t try to get squeezed in.


Barbers have tight schedules with many people battling for spots.
Re-arranging a schedule is a stressful task but it can be done at times, but don’t put us through this stress if it’s not necessary.
Your beach trip is cool but not worth my stress.

9. Tipping says a lot about you.


A nice tip will go a long way with your barber, we appreciate those who appreciate us.
Just know that your lack of tipping speaks volumes.
I give out the most basic of services to people who don’t tip.

10. Send me your people!


If someone asks you “Where did you get your haircut?” Don’t just tell them my name, tell them how you can get serviced by me.
Referrals are the best free way to appreciate your barber.


We don't ask for much, all of our requests are only to make your experience flow smoothly.
Do you have any other things you wish clients knew?
Join the FlyBarber family below and leave a comment!

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