3 Ways To Fire Your Clients

Barbers: 3 Ways To Fire Your Clients

Barbering is a craft within the service industry, and as a service, it takes patience to deal with people.
There are times where a client can actually be bad for business, not all good business is good business.
Some are time-consuming, others smell like reggie, others just can't seem to be able to stop cursing.

As a business-person, you must fire some clients and there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

The FlyBarber family creates professional resources to better the barber industry. This is basically a list of things we needed when we started our careers.
We hope to improve your management of time, money, clientele, and energy. 

From least to most friction. These are our top 3 ways to fire your clients.

1. Suggest Another Barber.

Perhaps the easiest way to get rid of somebody is simply by pointing them in the other direction. This is the most helpful and subtle way to get rid of a client.
Some clients aren't the appointment type, you can refer them to another barber who only takes walk-ins. (unless you want them back, do not recommend them to a shitty barber)
"Unfortunately I'm all booked up, but if you go to suggestion you might have better luck, he doesn't work by appointment"

2. Make it Inconvenient.

Another subtle way to indicate conflict is to put a number on it, charge them for their downfalls.
If a client is late, charge them a fee. If they pull a no-call no-show, charge them the whole appointment. They will usually fuss, but simply tell them this

"I told someone no because I trusted that you were coming, and when you didn't show up, I ended up having to sit and miss out on money.
It's nothing personal, I just need my money"

This will make or break a client, either they will work with you, or simply move on. Either way, you'll get rid of the hassle.

3. Tell them straight up.

Tell them straight up. 

This is when subtlety just doesn't cut it. Some clients might need a clear message.
You run a business, its how you put food in your stomach, lots of us even put food in other people's stomachs.
Your peace of mind is nothing to overlook, if someone doesn't fit into your way of working, you have every human right to let them go.
The most professional way to do this is to put the business between you and this person, do not make it look like you, personally, do not want to cut this person.
Make it look like its a business matter, and that your business model doesn't allow for exceptions.

"Thank you for your business, I work hard to be professional, but my business doesn't allow for list the problem it's causing you, I have to keep things working a certain way and unfortunately because of this, I won't be able to serve you anymore."

If you have a righteous reason, then you will be able to explain how their behavior is affecting your business.
If they get personal, let them go, it is not a personal matter, you're at a place of business and this is how business is to be conducted.
Do not feed into their resistance, save your energy for the growth of your business.


Keep the business running as smoothly as possible. Aim to keep a professional clientele full of people who respect your work.
Anyone who doesn't fit your business model should be addressed using the methods in this article.

Have you ever fired a client? Let us know!
Join the FlyBarber family by leaving a comment below.
Who knows? it might get you a free tee! 

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