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Barbers Are Investing In New Clients, And It’s Paying Off!

Barbers Are Investing In New Clients, And It’s Paying Off!

May 30, 2021


Mike Ramirez

Barbers all over the world have one thing in common, whether they work at a local men’s barbershop, or if they travel with an elite barber brand, client acquisition is a must.

Whether you are a barber influencer looking for a celebrity client, or a small-town apprentice looking to get more heads, client acquisition is a very important part of being an elite barber.

How can barbers get new clients? 

By investing in people’s awareness of your profession. In other words, investing your power in things that get you noticed by as many eyes as possible.

Anything spent on client acquisition is considered an investment. You can invest either time or money. Most barbers are already pressed for time, so spending energy on client acquisition is not something smart to do.

Elite barbers make their money work on their behalf by using it to get new clients. They make sure money automatically earns them more business by using it to invest on things that attract potential clients.

How Can Barbers Invest Their Money On New Clients?

Imagine investing on a floating marketing sign that told people that you were a barber, following you over your head wherever you went.

Now imagine walking into a crowded place like Walmart with this sign, consider the amount of people who would notice your sign and ask yourself this question. How many of those people need a haircut?

It makes sense to make your profession known to these people, the more people who are aware of you being a barber, the higher the chance of a potential new client.

What Does A Good Investment Look Like?

Investing in barber apparel is the most efficient way to get serious potential clients. People who recognize you as a barber and hold a conversation about your profession with you, are highly likely to sit in your chair.

FlyBarber Clothing’s concepts are based around the principle of investing. This barber apparel is designed to get the attention of eyes who might be interested in a haircut. Consider it a barbershop marketing tip, if one barber t-shirt gets you 1-2 new clients, then it paid for itself.

This barber apparel carries the look of elite barbers who work at an elite barbershop. The barber fashion t-shirts can be worn at any casual event, while you’re out running errands, or simply be used as barbershop t-shirts.

FlyBarber Clothing isn’t just men’s fashion clothing, there’s also high-quality barber t-shirts for women as well as barber hats for men & women. Barber T-shirts do not fade or discolor easy and the lightweight material makes them some of the most comfortable shirts you’ll ever own.

Even barber face-masks can be a great way to invest in your profession, even if you are not required to wear them, they are the best way to get the “Barber” message closest to eye-level. Not only are they the most effective, they are also the cheapest.

FlyBarber Clothing’s Designs Work!

Everything mentioned in this article makes sense, but could FlyBarber Clothing really work? Could this barber apparel really pay for itself?

It is GUARANTEED that you will get your money back, even if you never get a single client, the money you invest in barber apparel can be claimed in your taxes as long as you’re not a W-2 employee. 

At the end of the day whether you make more money or not, you get to invest in your image with barber fashion at the cost of Uncle Sam.

Just in case, this is the feedback/comments we have on each design.


This design makes a statement, it is our most engaging concept. It displays the word “Barber” big enough to be read from a distance. Mostly used by barbers looking to get people to come sit in their chair. 


This designed was designed for two types of barbers,

It can be displayed by licensed barbers as a way to represent the hard work put forth to pass the state board.

Unlicensed barbers have also displayed this as a higher-power, since it reads “registered with the proper authorities” they argue that if the talent is God-given, what authority is higher than that?


This design is for barbers with status, for barbers who have too many clients and are looking for ways to invest their income in other things.

It portrays a message that says, “Yes, I am a barber, but I’m running a business and have little time to waste”


This was made for our fans, for the ones that have supported us since day one and fell in love with the logo. We found that this shirt exposes barbers around you. Barbers have recognized it and revealed themselves as barbers.

Blessed Barber

This was designed  for faithful people, those who thank God for their blessings and are looking for a way to display a faithful message through their profession.


An eye-catching design, it’s one of the only differences between what a barber & a cosmetologist  is allowed to do.

The design also displays the word “Barber” clearly just in case people don’t get it.

Red & White Barber

This is not a Supreme knock off, it is purposely designed to attract people’s attention. 

Data shows that people will read inside of this popular red box out of curiosity, mostly to judge of course, but it gets your profession in front of people’s eyes. 


Another design created with our fans in mind, something more subtle for those who really support our brand.


Invest your money and make it work for you, the days of begging people for a chance to cut their hair are over. Wear this barber apparel and break the ice, let people approach you. Our word of advice? Keep a business card or your social media handle ready every time you wear this barber apparel.

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