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How Barbers Increase Their Price

How Barbers Increase Their Price

Nov 18, 2020


Mike Ramirez

You see it all over social media, celebrity barbers are charging $100+ per service and it makes you wonder how.
It's true that status has a lot to do with it, and most of us, just quite don't have that status.

The FlyBarber family creates professional resources to better the barber industry. This is basically a list of things we needed when we started our careers.
We hope to improve your management of time, money, clientele, and energy.

We created a guide to help the average barber increase their income.
Quick simple steps that can gradually increase your price per cut.
We hope these principles work for you.

Note: Consider clientele size before going up on price, if you are booked consistently, you MUST go up on price.
If your clientele is slow, we suggest you build a solid clientele before increasing your price

1.Add Value.
Before we can even talk about what else we can do, lets look at where we are at.
Are we just cutting hair? Or are we adding extra things like hot towels? Add-ons?
Begin by just giving out a new service for free, it'll get your practice up.
MAKE SURE YOU POINT OUT ITS ONLY FREE FOR THE MOMENT, sorry for the caps, but please trust us, this is key.
Tell your clients something as simple as

”I’m trying out new things to add to my business, I’m letting people try them for now but some day I will be charging for them”

2.Incorporate Value Into Your Price.
Since we added value in different ways, we found which ones get better reactions.
Maybe you just added a hot towel, you became reliably punctual with your appointments, or now you wash everyone's hair.
Your service should feel like you're undercharging.
A deal for a consumer, more clients for you.

3.Give Clients A Notice.
Getting a haircut by you now comes with added service.
It's not just a regular haircut, it comes with more, therefore; its more expensive.
And it will begin being more expensive on
date. (generally a 3 month notice works best)
Your business has increased in value and people will feel it.

4.How To Deal With Resistance.
Some people will make a comment about your price increase.
Keep the growth of your business as the main point for change.
You’re adding value and value isn’t cheap.
If someone says they don’t want the extra value, then they’re not the client for you.
Your business now caters to an audience who wants more than haircut.

I doubled my price in 2 years.
$20 - Haircut (Free Beard): Beard was free as I was mastering shaving
$25 - Haircut & Beard (Free Appointment): I became extremely reliable and punctual, eventually I would charge for it.
$30 - Haircut & Beard+Appointment (Free Shampoo): Self explanatory, I started washing hair for free.
$35- Haircut & beard+Appointment+Shampoo (Free Beard Treatments): Started using beard wash, oil, & butter.

Average barbers were charging $25-30 an hour.
I made $40 in the same hour but by then my cuts included shampoo and beard products.

Barbering is a growing industry, and you either grow or you die off. “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”
Look at your business as a long term investment
Gradually increase your worth overtime, and allow your knowledge to increase your revenue.

Did this information help you?
Do you know of other ways to increase your price?
Join the FlyBarber family by leaving a comment below.

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