How To Survive As a Barber During a Recession.

How To Survive As a Barber During a Recession.

Economic times seem to be headed for a downfall, along with many jobs and businesses. The housing market is upside down, banks are failing, and stock markets are running riskier than usual. 

This triggers feelings of anxiety and concern, how can I survive this market crash as a barber, will I be affected? Will I have to find second job? What can I do to make sure my barbering career stays profitable.

Well rest assured that you chose a great profession, even though beauty businesses reported losses in income, most barbers retained their profession during the critical recession we faced in 2008, this profession is one of those only few labeled as recession-proof.

So here are some things we recommend that can help you and your career.

1. Stay Relevant.

Posting often on online platforms is key to stay in front of potential customer's eyes. People don't know that they need you until they do, and when they do you want to be one of the first options they think of.

If you notice your numbers start to dwindle, perhaps your chair isn't as busy as it usually is, reconsider your online approach. Do not worry about having the best content, the most important thing to do is to show up on others people's feed.

2. Advertise Yourself.

Making a timely investment can be a huge difference maker, its what sets professionals apart from amateurs, and waiting until things go bad to start investing isn't going to make you stand out.

I designed this clothing line for the same reason I'm writing this article, to help barbers. And just like this blog post has the potential to help your career, so does the apparel at FlyBarberClothing.

Wearing gear that showcases your profession is a great way to acquire clients, its literally a walking billboard that announces to the world that you're a barber, no matter whether you're pumping gas, at the grocery store, at a restaurant, even when you're out with your friends.

You can also make sure this investment is free, not only will you get profits from any customers acquired by wearing this apparel, but you can also claim it as a tax deduction, since it's a business investment, in other words, you wouldn't have to buy it if you weren't a barber.

3. Limit Expenses.

As barbers, we often get too comfortable with money. We spend it because we know we're going to make it back as soon as we get behind the chair. This is one of our downfalls, and during a recession, this can be a costly mistake.

We're not telling you to skip lunch, but you should try to plan your meals ahead of time. Buying fast-food, Uber eats, and eating out everyday can take a large chunk of your income.

Buy your drinks in bulk, buying an energy drink, water, or sodas every day can tally up to over $200 a month. Instead, buy a pack of water for the week/month and ration your portions.

Keep track of your expenses, that way you can see where most of your money is going, this will help you determine where you need to make budget cuts.


I hope this list helps you, if you have any more suggestions or questions, reach out to us, we'd love to hear from you.


FlyBarber Clothing Team

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