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5 Ways Barbers Are Making Even More Money

5 Ways Barbers Are Making Even More Money

Aug 26, 2020


Mike Ramirez

|Barbers are in a very profitable industry, not only is it already booming, but the men’s personal care industry is predicted to hit $166 billion by 2022, according to Allied Market Research.
The days of trying to squeeze in as many clients as possible are over.
Successful barbers know to use their influence and network in order to acquire extra and/or passive income.

The FlyBarber family creates professional resources to better the barber industry.
This is basically a list of things we needed when we started our careers.
We hope to improve your management of time, money, clientele, and energy. 

We figured we should list multiple streams of passive income available to barbers.
We hope this information improves your quality of life!
Here are 5 ways modern barbers are making even more money.


Have you ever seen barbers use black masks? Dye enhancements? Hand massagers? Hot towels?
These are all ways that modern barbers are putting more cash in their pockets. 
Offering extra services and charging accordingly.
Here are some extra services you might want to consider:

  • Black Masks
  • Facial Treatments
  • Nose/Ear Wax
  • Dye Enhancements
  • Wave Treatments
  • Threading
  • Hair Designs
  • Eyebrows
  • Beard Treatments

2. Affiliate Marketing.

One of the most passive methods on this list. Creates automatic income by selling someone else's products, making you the publisher.
This method works best with a big network, the more people that you can influence with your product, the more people who might buy it.
For example, let's say you find an affiliate program with a clothing brand like FlyBarber Clothing.
You share a picture of you in your new gear, along with a link telling people where to find it, every time someone buys through that link, you get a percentage.
(If the response to this blog is favorable then we can start our own affiliate program which you'll be able to join for free.)

3.Instructional Products

A lot of barbers are finding ways to give back to our industry, creating products that benefit barbers all over the world.
With a growing industry, the need for education is as high as it's ever been.
Some barbers are teaching blending techniques, others are teaching hair units. You can teach something as simple as how to properly clean your equipment.
The key is to truly have the intention to improve barber's lives. We are smart & aware, we can see when your intent is to get rich off our backs.
Establish trust by truly helping people, create content that will always hold value to its consumer. 


Whether you work by commission or you rent a booth. Product is a great way to increase your income.
Commission workers will usually be provided with this opportunity, but if you rent a booth, there's no reason you can't find things your clients need.
Either way, it's simply a matter of understanding your clients and what they want.
You can sell them a solution from a professional by buying what you provide them.
Try to add a product consultation once you finish your service. ask these 3 questions.

  1. Are you high or low maintenance?

  2. Would you like a soft feel or a firm hold?

  3. Do you prefer a wet or dry look?

These questions tell you the following.

  1. How much time they'll spend fixing their hair.

  2. Which product to use. (Pomade, Fiber, Grease, Gel, Hair Spray)

  3. What sheen to use. (Matte, Sheen/Gloss)

5. Stocks/Crypto.

The amount of free information available online is immense. There's a lot of free education regarding investments, at least enough to get started.
As barbers, we are blessed with a lot of disposable income, at least 10% of it should be working for you.
There's a lot of free apps that can get you in the game, some of them even have referral codes that can get you free stocks.

  •  Crypto 





  • Stocks

Merril Edge


You have already done the hard work by becoming a barber.
As we grow, we find ways to work more efficiently, saving our energy for things that truly matter.
Use your knowledge for profit, it's the only way to attain wealth.

Do you know any other streams of income?
Do you have any success stories?
Join the FlyBarber family, leave a comment below!


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