This Is How Modern Barbers Are Changing The Game

This Is How Modern Barbers Are Changing The Game

The barbering industry has exploded in the last couple of decades, it has become a highly popular industry.
Barbers now hold an esteemed profession, admired by people from all walks of life.
We are now celebrities, if not nationally, at least locally.

So much change requires adaptability, things constantly evolve as the world enters new technological ages, and evolved barbers have found modern ways to keep up with the times.

The FlyBarber family creates professional resources to better the barber industry. This is basically a list of things we needed when we started our careers.
We hope to improve your management of time, money, clientele, and energy. 

These are the top 5 ways modern barbers are reshaping our industry. 

1. Extra Services (Add-ons).

Perhaps you've seen other barbers use black masks? Steam facials? Nose Waxing? Dye enhancements? these are all services being sought-out by clients! Unfortunately, most barbers do not offer or display the availability of these services to their clients, even though these services are highly in-demand in today's world.
Modern barbers recognize this demand and not only have these services displayed but also charge a price for each extra service, adding more value to their business while collecting the appropriate reimbursements.

2. Instant Portfolios


Many companies used to display a catalog in their office in order to be able to showcase their work.
This catalog was very effective but it had one major flaw compared to today's standards, it was inconvenient to carry around.
The modern barber today holds an immediately-available online portfolio via social-media.
They treat their social-media profiles as platforms to showcase their work and use them either passively or actively in their pursuit of new clientele.
These portfolios are quickly offered whenever a new client opportunity presents itself to a modern barber.

3. Online Booking.

The absolute definition of a modern barber, the most convenient way to keep consistent and loyal clients.
If you are not aware, there are plenty of appointment-setting apps out in the market.
These apps allow you to display the hours when you are available for work, allowing your clients to automatically plan their schedules according to yours.
The best thing about this method is that it favors clients who have little time to waste.
They tend to appreciate your time a little more, and that's because clients who prefer this method usually include business owners or high-achievers, and that's the type of clientele the modern barber aims for, cutting out all the time-wasters and opening room for more rewarding clients.

4. Celebrity Barbers

Think of all of the celebrity barbers you know of today, 360 Jeezy, Chris Bossio, Hawk, VicBlendz, Tyrik Jackson, just to name a handful.
Doesn't seem too impressive until I ask you how many you knew 10-15 years ago... now THAT'S impressive!
Celebrity barbers are booming! Social media has allowed the discovery of unprecedented talent, and by the looks of it, it's only getting better, as all the success of these industry leaders creates opportunities for the rest of us!
Modern barbers inevitably become local celebrities, as their online presence facilitates for better networking and benefits from peers.

5. Entrepreneurs

Modern barbers are becoming more familiarized with multiple sources of income.
They are taking their money and putting it in places where it can generate revenue.
Visit a hair show or YouTube and you will see how barbers are figuring out different ways to acquire wealth.
Retail, affiliate marketing, online courses, and/or other entrepreneurial ventures are just some ways they're using to succeed.
Modern barbers aren't just satisfied with cutting hair, they are fully involved in the barber industry.


When you know better, you do better.
This industry is growing rapidly and new opportunities are opening every day.
Do not get left in the old-school, upgrade your business to more than just haircuts.

Are you a game-changer? Let us know.
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